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Why businesses like Document Scanning

Why businesses like Document Scanning

Don’t surround yourself in paper

Paper based filing systems no longer support the needs of UK business. The conversion from paper based filing to document scanning and electronic filing is increasing year upon year. Here are some of the reasons UK companies today rely on document scanning and electronic document management.

  • Future proof – In the past documents have been stored in many different formats. Some formats have fallen out of favour such as microfiche and microfilm. Many companies now find themselves having to convert these records for a second time as equipment and service companies become scarce. Once the documents have been scanned, conversion or integration into new systems becomes a matter of routine scarce. Electronic documents are future proof.
  • Security and compliancy – Rules regulation and compliancy require business to keep control over its information. Electronic documents can be more easily managed. The better electronic document management systems offer support for user access at document, file or database level. In addition document use can be tracked.
  • Disclosure – We today see trends towards legal disclosure of information. Document scanning makes light of the ever increasing burdens of research and dissemination.
  • Recovery from disasters– Scanned documents can be readily backed up which provides protection not available within the paper based filing systems. Fire, theft and flooding are a great risk to companies who rely on paper based filing, with many victims unable to recover from such events and ceasing to carry on business.
  • Sharing – Over 60% of documents need to be shared. Document scanning allows teams to work on projects across geographic areas. Company records becoming living documents that can empower companies with the required knowledge.
  • Environmental – Reduction in environmentally damaging activities such as printing, transportation and climate controlled storage facilities is yet another major benefit attributed to document scanning.
  • Searching – UK employees spend hours each week searching paper based filing systems. The cost of this activity is said to cost the UK economy £20,000,000,000 each year.
  • Waste Space – A standard 4 drawer filing cabinet takes up 9 square feet of office space and holds 10,000 documents. The average office uses 16% of its space supporting paper based. Millions of Documents which have been scanned will happily live in the average office server.
  • Costs – Document scanning eliminates storage costs, protects the environment and has a massive and impact on the costs of running businesses.

Hundreds of companies in the UK have saved both time and money from going paperless, why don’t you make the change too?

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Why businesses like Document Scanning

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