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Resistance to change

Resistance to change




Its time to change!

A survey has shown that over 44% of professionals questioned have said that their biggest resistance to document management was change, fear that by scanning information it would have a damaging effect on the way they conduct their day to day business.

Secondly organisations were asked what problems they were trying to address when considering document management 22% said reducing paper followed by 17% saying reducing storage and 14% improving information sharing.

It is obvious that for companies to embrace change they need products that are easy to install and use, as soon as change becomes difficult resistance increases and the major cost saving benefits are never realised, this is a great shame as having document management should now be the same to a business as using email, word processing and accounts the cost savings to a business are massive when you take into account reducing print costs, time saving in searching for information and of course reduced storage costs.

Document management systems or basic scanning solutions are now so advanced that it is possible to fully automate the scanning process, information can be automatically routed through the business process and everything instantly indexed ready for retrieval.

Years ago before sage was introduced businesses used to record the accounts information in paper format using accounts books, the resistance to change was massive when electronic accounting was introduced now all businesses automatically install an accounts package, why ? Because it saves them time and money, the same applies to document management if only businesses would embrace this in the same way.


Time is money so why do we waste so much of it tracking down and storing documents or wading through filing cabinets looking for information that maybe lost or misfiled.

Today scanners and multi-functional devices are so advanced that you can scan documents at speeds from anything from 25 to 150 pages per minute, they have automatic miss feed detection and can scan all sizes of paper at the same time using a 100 sheet document feeder, it really is quick and easy to now scan large amounts and index them away at a touch of a button.

A good document management system will sit in the background using advanced technology to retrieve documents from existing software packages such as Word, Excel, Power point and Outlook, in fact a user within a business doesn’t even have to know a document management system exists they just have to know where to click to receive a document whether it is a scanned image, email or a word document.

It is our belief that document management in time will become a normal part of companies everyday business process it just depends on how much money will be wasted while they wait to make the change and implement more cost effective solutions for handling documents.

What to do now?

Organise a completely free audit to see how to implement a simple solution and start reducing your costs now!!!!!!


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Paul Coulson
Paul formed ADS 8 years ago in order to supply the SME market with a solution to their document management requirements. Paul says “After working for some large organisations I realised that most solutions were too expensive so we sourced partners that we could work with in order to provide excellent solutions at an affordable price point without effecting the quality of the products that we supply. We also offer free trials for most of our solutions so you can be sure the product is suitable for your needs before any capital expenditure”
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