Legal Document Scanning for Solicitors

Law firms generally hold masses of files at their offices or use offsite storage facilities, this results in risk of damage to the files and unnecessary high costs to store and retrieve the information.


ADS have designed an archiving solution especially for law firms to reduce the amount of paper files held on site, this easy to use solution enables you to scan closed files to the Filestar software and then retrieve them when required using the simple indexing engine, full OCR is included to enable text searching across files.


This easy to use software once installed will have no impact on the day to day operation of the business, partners and employees will carry on working with the paper file until closure of the case, then the file is scanned and stored rather than kept in paper format and sent to a physical archive, an upgrade to a complete document management solution is available if required in the future


Also the audit trail within the software allows for legal admissibility ,the life of the document is tracked automatically within the system which proves that is was the original when scanned, this is important if the scanned image is required in the future.


• Easy To Use • Reduce Storage Space
• Cost Effective • Instant Access to Information
• OCR for text searching • Legally Compliant
• Audit Trail For Compliance • Reduce Costs
• On site or Cloud Solution • Share Files


Our scanning services can help to initially reduce the large back log of files, all files once scanned can be imported into the Filestar solution enabling instant access to the documents.


Case Studies


legal document scanning


Taylors Legal Solicitors based in Chigwell have been using this system for over 6 years; they now have instant access to files and also use our scanning services to help keep on top of their scanning requirements. Before installing the scanning software their files were stored in a garage at the back of the office, this resulted in many files becoming damp and accessing the files was difficult and very time consuming. All of their information is now protected and they get access to information in seconds rather than taking up to an hour to find a file.


scanning for solicitors


Harris Cuffaro solicitors realised that storage of files was becoming an issue and they were quickly running out of space, also accessing information was very time consuming so they sought a solution to the problem.


ADS supplied a fast scanner and scanning software that has enabled them to draw a line in the sand, they have now stopped adding to the paper archive and closed files are routinely scanned in house and saved to the scanning software, instant access is now available to all members of staff. Once scanned and checked the files are placed into shredding bags and ADS securely destroy the files and provide a certificate of destruction.


It is estimated that within a few years they will have no physical storage costs at all as there older files that are not scanned will naturally be destroyed after 6 years, the motivation of the company was to improve access to information and reduce costs in relation to storage and time locating files.



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