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Advanced Document Solutions overview

Advanced Document Solutions can offer you a complete document management solution to suit the needs of your business; our team of experts are here to get an understanding of your business and its operations and create a tailor made document management solution to help you achieve a better working environment.

The benefits of document management

In considering the move to the paperless office, many people in business still believe it is too expensive, both in the time it takes to scan and organize digitized documents, and in the technology needed to secure their work and make it easily accessible.

In fact the opposite is true. Once a company adopts scanning and electronic filing, it can recoup its costs for document storage, handling, and retrieval within a short period of time. Electronic filing also eliminates long-term document and storage costs.

Professionals spend over 500 hours annually reviewing and routing files and waste another 150 hours looking for incorrectly filed documents (Source: International Records Management Council Study). Both of these efforts can be associated with the cost of time – the time it takes to find a document or the time to ship a physical document from place to place, multiplied by the high rates a professional charges.

Several scanners allow you to scan up to 50 documents at once, in a stack of paper that may include equipment or restaurant receipts, business cards, clippings, in addition to invoices and correspondence. Anyone can learn to do this without special training.

Easy access to information helps you provide better service to your customers and clients. And the savings to your business by eliminating off-site storage can be counted in rental and handling fees, and in the valuable employee and management time spent searching for and retrieving documents.


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Our services explained

Scanning Services


“Cost saving – save money by converting your paper files into electronic documents.”


Our scanning bureau

Many of our clients require large volumes of paper files to be converted into digital documents quickly and efficiently. We use state of the art scanners that allow us to scan up to 80ppm; the images are then supplied on a disk or imported into a document management system.

Preparation of Documents prior to scanning

Documents are examined prior to the scanning process to ensure their suitability. Such factors as their physical state (thin paper, creased, stapled etc.) and the attributes of the information (black and white, colour etc.) will be noted and the scanning requirements adjusted accordingly.

Scanning of documents

With standard text, typed and printed documents scanning at 300dpi captures characters to an acceptable quality benchmark. However some documents may need to be scanned in at a higher resolution possible up to 600-700 dpi in some instances. We use the most up to date document scanning equipment in the market place from Kodak allowing us to scan in speeds of up to 80 pages per minute.

Indexing of data

Now the images are ready for indexing, we index the documents as per your requirements. The indexes are then re-checked to confirm the accuracy of the initial indexing. Once this process has been completed we will then burn off the images to a pre-agreed media. If it is a small number of scans then the preferred form is CD we can get approx. 40,000 pages of information per CD.

Back up of data

Back up data held on any storage facility remains live and active for a period of 60 days, after which a backup CD-ROM is normally made and stored for disaster recovery purposes.

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Document Management Software

Filestar is a multi-user document management system for large, medium and small enterprises. Filestar manages both paper and electronic documents and email in a secure audited archive. Filestar provides a solution for many paper-based processes as well as any process that involves controlled storage and access to documents.

Key features

Filestar has a wealth of features. Listed here are the ones that set it apart from the competition.

Scan and archive your documents with a single button press

Filestar imports documents directly from your office copier/scanner. The documents are automatically named, indexed, filed to the correct folder and converted to searchable PDFs, all without you doing anything other than pressing the ‘Scan’ button.

Quickly search and retrieve documents

Filestar has a simple but powerful search feature that lets you find documents by index data, document content or even a combination of both. Filestar uses the same powerful and reliable search engine that powers Apple’s and IBM’s websites.

Works with a wide range of office copiers from all of the major brands

Any copier that is capable of sending documents to a network folder can be set-up to work with Filestar. This often forgotten feature of your copier, combined with Filestar can transform it into a powerful scan to archive solution.

Strong, Enterprise Class Architecture

The easy administration and simple user interface is a well proven, strong enterprise class architecture that scales from one user to a thousand users.

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There’s never been a bigger range of document scanners available to your business. Scanners that were once only for companies with deep pockets can now be purchased for a few hundred pounds. However, the choice of document scanners makes it hard to know where to start. To begin, decide which type of document scanner you need, or contact us for more information.

Desktop document scanners. These often have features you get in workgroup or production models (see below), inside a smaller unit. They’re good for low volume tasks. In small offices they can be the main document scanner. These are usually limited to A4 size paper, but may support double-sided scanning.

Workgroup document scanners. These fill the gap between high-end desktop document scanners and low-end production models. They can be used in a whole range of situations, often for A3 scanning or to handle larger volumes of material.

Production document scanners. Production document scanners are like workgroup scanners that have been working out. Capable of scanning thousands of pages a day, they’re ideal for bureaus where speed, reliability and capacity are crucial.

Advanced Document Solutions can supply and install scanners from all of the major manufacturers including;

  • Fujitsu
  • Canon
  • Kodak
  • Panasonic
  • Konica

Printing and Copying

ADS have come to realise that the modern office requires many functions from their office equipment. This means the multifunction copier is not only the best solution for most office’s print requirements, but also saves space, time and money versus several devices that perform the same group of functions.
It is proven that using multi-functional devices can reduce your print costs by up to 40% in comparison to conventional printers.
Advanced Document Solutions have a distinct specialisation in the linking of Digital Laser Multi-Functional Devices to computer systems and networks. As well as multi-functional devices we supply Photocopiers, Printers, Scanners, Fax, wide format and Copy Printers.

Our experienced technicians have been selected and trained to have the correct approach and skills to smoothly integrate equipment on to your network.
Advanced Document Solutions has a team of highly experienced engineers, all of whom are manufacturer trained. Advanced Document Solutions work to exacting standards and have a continuing programme of industry specific research, training and development.

Secure Document storage services


“Advanced Document Solutions provides rapid, efficient and well managed document storage services.”


We transfer materials such as business and financial documents or medical records to and from the document storage facilities for clients across the South East, East Anglia and the UK. Nationwide, we collect or deliver free of charge on a same day basis. In London the same service is provided inside two hours.

We therefore offer a comprehensive, competitive and professional one-stop solution to all your document storage and management requirements. You can be assured of tight-security off-site file storage protection together with complete ease of access to your data.

At Advanced Document Solutions we give our full personal attention to the records storage needs of every customer, regardless of size. We commit ourselves to providing the highest level of customer service and attention within the document storage and archiving industry.

With highly competitive prices and of proven reliability, we are happy to extend our offsite file storage services to national and international customers alike. Our depth of archive industry experience allows us to tailor our document storage services to suit any set of individual requirements.



How can Advanced Document Solutions help you!

Paul Coulson
Paul formed ADS 8 years ago in order to supply the SME market with a solution to their document management requirements. Paul says “After working for some large organisations I realised that most solutions were too expensive so we sourced partners that we could work with in order to provide excellent solutions at an affordable price point without effecting the quality of the products that we supply. We also offer free trials for most of our solutions so you can be sure the product is suitable for your needs before any capital expenditure”
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