Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning Services

Cost saving – save money by converting your paper files into electronic documents.

Scanning Bureau
Many of our clients require large volumes of paper files to be converted into digital documents quickly and efficiently. We use state of the art scanners that allow us the ability of scanning documents up to 80ppm, the images are then supplied on a disk or imported into a document management system.

Preparation of Documents prior to scanning
Documents are examined prior to the document scanning process to ensure their suitability. Such factors as their physical state (thin paper, creased, stapled etc) and the attributes of the information (black and white, colour etc) will be noted and the scanning requirements adjusted accordingly.

Scanning Documents
With standard text, typed and printed documents scanning at 300dpi captures characters to an acceptable quality benchmark. However some documents may need to be scanned in at a higher resolution possible up to 600-700 dpi in some instances. We use the most up to date document scanning equipment in the market place from Kodak allowing us to scan in speeds of up to 80 pages per minute.

Indexing of Data
Now the images are ready for indexing, we index the documents as per your requirements. The indexes are then re-checked to confirm the accuracy of the initial indexing. Once this process has been completed we will then burn off the images to a pre-agreed media. If it is a small number of scans then the preferred form is CD we can get approx. 40,000 pages of information per CD.

Back Up Data
Back up data held on any storage facility remains live and active for a period of 60 days, after which a back up CD-ROM is normally made and stored for disaster recovery purposes.


  • Reduced Storage Space
  • Instant access to information
  • Disaster recovery
  • Reduced Copying and Printing Costs
  • Improved Security
  • Increased Staff productivity


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