Document Scanners

How to choose a document scanner

There’s never been a bigger range of document scanners available to your business. Scanners that were once only for companies with deep pockets can now be purchased for a few hundred pounds. However, the choice of document scanners makes it hard to know where to start. To begin, decide which type of document scanner you need,or contact us for more information.


Desktop document scanners. These often have features you get in workgroup or production models (see below), inside a smaller unit. They’re good for low volume tasks. In small offices they can be the main document scanner. These are usually limited to A4 size paper, but may support double-sided scanning.


Workgroup document scanners. These fill the gap between high-end desktop document scanners and low-end production models. They can be used in a whole range of situations, often for A3 scanning or to handle larger volumes of material.


Production document scanners. Production document scanners are like workgroup scanners that have been working out. Capable of scanning thousands of pages a day, they’re ideal for bureaus where speed, reliability and capacity are crucial.


ADS can supply and install scanners from all of the major manufacturers including;


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