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MP C306ZSP/F Compact, easy to use and easy to manage

MP C306ZSP/F Compact, easy to use and easy to manage


Compact, easy to use and easy to manage

When you consider that most office devices’ A3 capacity is only utilised 3%* of the time, it’s not hard to understand why the market for A4 is steadily growing. Ricoh products have a very strong foothold in the market and continue to lead the way, year on year.


Advanced Document Solutions


“Shifting Trends – There are a number of shifts taking place within the economy that are contributing to the rise of A4 multifunction printers For starters, 11% of prints require A3 capability. The ability to accept various paper widths has been a benefit and selling point of A3 devices; but this statistic confirms that most printing is done on A4 width paper.


A4 devices offer the same functions – printing, copying, scanning and faxing

with greater speeds and advanced features with a smaller footprint and lower cost of acquisition.”




The features of the MFD

  • Newest into the Market
  • All new 10.1” Smart Operation Panel – no hard keys!
  • MP C306/406 VM Card and HDD as standard
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi unenhanced resolution (Print)
  • Android – supports Apps; new version of Smart Device Connector (NFC)
  • Small footprint, ideal for Desktop use
  • Lowest TEC value – Just 1.157Kwh
  • New Silent mode – priority shifts from print productivity
  • ADF as standard, platen cover & fax optional
  • Standard HDD provides 9x overwrite
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity



Website –

Phone number – 08455610041

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Welsh Mining Federation Goes Digital

Click on the link below to see how the Welsh Miner’s Federation have preserved records over 100 years old by going digital.

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How can Advanced Document Solutions help you!

How can Advanced Document Solutions help you!


Advanced Document Solutions

Advanced Document Solutions overview

Advanced Document Solutions can offer you a complete document management solution to suit the needs of your business; our team of experts are here to get an understanding of your business and its operations and create a tailor made document management solution to help you achieve a better working environment.

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The Benefits of Document Management

The Benefits of Document Management

Advanced Document Solutions can take care of all your Document Management needs

In considering the move to the paperless office, many people in business still believe it is too expensive, both in the time it takes to scan and organize digitized documents, and in the technology needed to secure their work and make it easily accessible.

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The NHS aim to be paperless by 2018

Health Secretary Jeremy hunt has announced he wants the NHS to be totally paperless by 2018 as it could potentially save them £4.4bn which is money that could be reinvested back into the organisation.

The first step is give people online access to their health records by March 2015 and by April 2018, any crucial health information should be available to staff at the touch of a button.

Some parts of the NHS already offer a big digital presence whereas other areas are lagging, the scheme Connecting for health allowed X-rays and scans to be stored and sent electronically has seen an increase in productivity that needs to be mirrored throughout the organisation.

Going paperless would mean:

  • Different professionals involved in one persons care can start to share information safely on their treatment
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of a highly complex, centrally specified approach. Only with world-class information systems will the NHS deliver world-class care.
  • Potentially saving the NHS £4.4bn.
  • Electronic prescribing and electronic patient records would give staff more time with patients.
  • Using laptops more than doubled the amount of time clinicians could spend with patients in some hospitals.

To find out how much you could save by going paperless please call 01268 583550 or email us at

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How Document Scanning Benefits your company

The UK’s business world is experiencing rapid changes, and with these changes, business managers are realizing that they can no longer afford to stay with traditional filing systems as their competitors have started using digital systems. Latest researches in the UK have shown that electronic document management frees time, office space and increases an organization’s efficiency – when implemented properly. Bulk Document Scanning is required to effectively and efficiently utilize the document management and document retrieval system. Digitally scanned and stored documents take less space and are more stable and reliable. Bulk document scanning reduces your document scanning prices proportionally.

Traditional documents are no longer useful because

  • They are hard to find
  • Their content is hard to modify
  • Updating the documents is hectic
  • Limited document sharing
  • Continuous document publishing becomes difficult
  • No indication of document contents
  • Higher costs for storage, copying and printing
  • Expensive archiving and document maintenance

Bulk Document Scanning Advantages

  • Information sharing – files can be viewed simultaneously by a number of users across multiple sites or divisions
  • Improved customer service – rather than taking details and calling a customer back with answers to queries or order updates once files have been found, details can be available on screen in seconds
  • Long term file preservation – historical files can be sensitive to both light and humidity. Regularly accessed files deteriorate and faxes fade. Scanned documents are preserved indefinitely.
  • Storage preservation – Document scanning storage requirements are far less than traditional hard copy of documents.
  • Scanning cost reduction – Bulk document scanning cost lower per document and you would actually pay a lot less as compared to what you pay for separate document scanning.

Justifying Bulk Document Scanning Prices

  • Paper costs – If correspondence or invoices have to be sent by post, then automatically saving a file copy through Document Scanning will halve the paper costs. If they can be sent electronically, then paper costs are further reduced.
  • Print costs – This covers both the costs associated with desktop printing and photocopying. If files can be copied electronically, then photocopiers begin to be surplus to requirements.
  • Rental and maintenance costs – can be cut along with the incidentals such as toner and ink.
  • Storage and retrieval costs – In this, include the liability to your business in the instance of document loss, and the time it takes staff to locate files, maintain filing systems and re-file documents once used. How much floor space could be liberated and how might you be able to streamline your workforce through bulk document scanning?
  • Debtor days – Improved document movement – or workflow – means that getting accounts transactions authorized is much faster, you get your invoices out and in turn pay your own debts more quickly. Filing documents centrally gives your accounts department access to all the information they need to chase aging debts.
  • Distribution – This covers the entire document posting costs. Why send by post when you can email documents much faster, more reliably and for an unnoticeable cost?
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How much paper do I have?

Ever wondered how much paper you have laying around your office but haven’t got the time to sit there and work it out?, you don’t have to because ADS have created a guide for you.

Call Advanced Document Solutions today to get your paper Scanned to disc or stored in our secure storage facility!

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How would your business cope after a fire?

Scan If you come into work one morning to find your office has been destroyed, would your business recover?

  • Would you lose all of your paper documents?
  • Are electronic documents that are scattered across many different workstations now useless?
  • Have you lost valuable email messages?
  • Where are your customer, vendor and employee records?
  • What would you do?

Paper documents stored in file cabinets are susceptible to fire and flood. You cannot recover a paper document that has been destroyed by a fire or a flood. But the problem goes beyond your paper files. Electronic documents stored on hard drives on workstations and servers across your operation are equally vulnerable to catastrophic loss.

Nobody wants to think they might need to implement a disaster recovery plan, but proper planning could enable your company to survive a disaster.

What processes does your business have in place for backing up critical data? Consider where and how your paper documents are stored. Think about important electronic documents within your network. Now, lock the doors and walk away. How would your company re?establish operations? If you take that thought process and expand it and begin thinking about what you would need to resume operations then you have the beginnings of a disaster recovery plan. This paper addresses specific ways to ensure that your documents can be recovered. But keep in mind, there are many other aspects to your overall recovery plan.


Let’s tackle the issue of centralized document management first. If you currently don’t have an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), then electronic documents are most likely not consolidated in your organization and fragile paper documents are stored on desks and in filing cabinets on?site.

By definition, EDMS is software that controls and organizes documents. This involves scanning paper documents, filing them accordingly, and making them available to view across your business. In addition to paper documents, electronic documents and email can also be stored in the EDMS. An EDMS will provide consolidation of all important documents within an organization regardless of the type of document. This consolidation creates a centralized electronic repository that not only improves operational efficiency, but also makes it possible to create and implement a successful disaster recovery plan.

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What is Filestar?

Filestar is a multi-user document management system for large, medium and small enterprises. Filestar manages documents – both paper and electronic and email in a secure audited archive. Filestar provides a solution for many paper-based processes as well as any process that involves controlled storage and access to documents

Filestar is easy to install, set-up and use but not at the expense of a very deep and broad feature set, capable of handling the most varied of requirements that your business demands. Listed below are just some of them.

1. Powerful Document Indexing

Configure custom document fields to capture information you will use to file and retrieve documents in a manner that suits you. These ‘index’ fields can also be populated from your back office systems like Sage Accounts – for example, entering an invoice number into the document filing window can automatically populate other fields like ‘Supplier’ and ‘Invoice Date’ directly from Sage – this makes the filing process very quick and it also ensures data validation. Furthermore, features like ‘Auto-File’ make manual file naming and destination folder selection redundant – to file a document, simply complete one or more index fields and Filestar will take care of the rest for you. The Filewatcher can even automate the entire filing process for you.

2. Search on document content

Filestar embeds a powerful document content search engine (the same as that used by Apple and IBM’s websites). You can search for any word or phrase within a document or a combination of document meta data and document content. For example, your documents are filed with a Customer Reference Number – searching on this alone could potentially return hundreds of documents. But with Filestar, you can use the reference number in the search field along with one or more other words that may be present within the document – for example: ‘CRN12433 faulty radio’ – Filestar will speedily return only those documents that match the query. Document retrieval doesn’t get quicker or simpler than this.

3. Detailed Audit Trail

Filestar keeps a detailed audit of activity relating to its documents, from the original location that the document was imported from to actions performed by users, including views, version updates, deletions, permission changes and index data changes. The name of the user and the workstation they performed their action from is also stored. Filestar also creates a digital fingerprint of every document it stores – this provides proof that the document is the original that was stored and has not been illicitly replaced or tampered with.

4. Document Permissions and security

Filestar ensures access to its documents is through a centrally managed secure gateway – there is no need to create Windows shared folders for users to access documents – the actual location of the stored documents is totally transparent to the users. Authentication is required by the user when they access Filestar – this can be through Filestar managed user accounts or through integration with your Windows Active Directory user database. Filestar provides fine grained permissions control of documents, folders and entire document categories – you can determine if users or groups of users can see a document, see its content, edit, delete or even manage the document’s permissions. The search engine also fully honours these permissions ensuring that no user can see a document within a search result set that they should not have access to

5. Automated Document Filing

Scan and store documents directly from your scanner/copier to Filestar with no further user intervention. Using Filestar’s Filewatcher module, one or more Windows folders can be monitored for new documents arriving from your scanner. Using zonal OCR, Filewatcher can be configured to identify the type of document that has been scanned (for example, an Invoice) and to extract key data that would be useful for the filing process. The documents are also converted to a fully searchable PDF format. In combination, these features practically eliminate the need for you to manually index and file documents.

6. Automated Business Processes

The Filestar Workflow module allows you to implement sophisticated business processes – such as Invoice Approval or SOP publishing. Workflow processes can be initiated on particular document actions – for example if a new invoice is added to Filestar. Workflow processes can be used to route documents to users and perform automated actions on documents, for example export a price list document to an external web server if it’s status is changed to ‘Approved & Published’.

If Filestar is right for you feel free to give us a call for a 14 day trial on 01268 583 550.

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The Paperless office: Why its hasn’t happened and why its going to

In 2012 the global demand for paper  is expected to exceed 400 million tons for the first time. Before recycling this equates to 7.2 billion trees, after recycling it still tops four billion trees and eliminates  an area the size of Croatia. Remarkably this landmark will be set against a background of flourishing digital media, economic downturn and increasing pressure to live  in an environmentally friendly manner. It is a damning situation: try as we might, we just can’t break our addiction to paper.

This seems to be changing thanks to consumer attitudes and that fact that a paperless office is no longer a headache thanks to new technologies.

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