Automated Invoice Processing Software

Streamline entry of invoices into your Sage accounts system using automated invoice processing software from ADS.


Our best of breed software can be adpated to provide a customised invoice processing resolution for any specific customer requirement. Whatever systems you have in place, we can customise our software to work alongside yours.


Custom integration links world-class, accurate invoice recognition software with your existing Sage accounts package.


Process invoices faster with intelligent recognition of invoice data. A learning mode swiflty moves accuracy to 100%. Export invoice data directly into Sage accounts with speed and reliability.


If you use a purchase order system or generate purchase orders in Sage accounts we can match these to invoices, without the need for manual checking, and flag up discrepancies as they occur.


The risk of paying an invoice twice is effectively eliminated. Our software records every supplier invoice number and stops duplicates being processed a second time.


Our entry level software costs less than a third of a typical accounts assistant’s wages yet you own the software and benefit from its speed, accuracy and efficiency for life. A modest annual support charge keeps you up to date and fully supported.


We can programme the software to post invoice data into the correct Sage accounts company where more than one company exists. And set it to use default nominal codes per supplier or lookup default project IDs or cost centres.


Whether your receive your invoices by post or by email, our software makes it easier and faster to post invoices into Sage accounts. Our email connector will download the right attachments, leaving behind superfluous terms and conditions documents and other unwanted files. You can scan your paper invoices to create electronic documents at your existing Multi Function Device or use a desktop scanner.

Once collated and read, the invoices are recognised and suppliers matched against your records in Sage accounts, using unique identifiers like a vat reg number or postcode for utmost accuracy.

The invoice data is read and verified – invoice date, invoice number, gross, net, vat etc. We can even find your order number and match against any ordering system you have. The flexible training mode in the software allows you to save changes per supplier so you can get to 100% recognition accuracy within a few weeks.

It’s easy to use, easy to implement, and can work with your existing systems. Talk to us about your invoice processing challenges, and we’ll be happy to help.


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