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MP C306ZSP/F Compact, easy to use and easy to manage

MP C306ZSP/F Compact, easy to use and easy to manage


Compact, easy to use and easy to manage

When you consider that most office devices’ A3 capacity is only utilised 3%* of the time, it’s not hard to understand why the market for A4 is steadily growing. Ricoh products have a very strong foothold in the market and continue to lead the way, year on year.


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“Shifting Trends – There are a number of shifts taking place within the economy that are contributing to the rise of A4 multifunction printers For starters, 11% of prints require A3 capability. The ability to accept various paper widths has been a benefit and selling point of A3 devices; but this statistic confirms that most printing is done on A4 width paper.


A4 devices offer the same functions – printing, copying, scanning and faxing

with greater speeds and advanced features with a smaller footprint and lower cost of acquisition.”




The features of the MFD

  • Newest into the Market
  • All new 10.1” Smart Operation Panel – no hard keys!
  • MP C306/406 VM Card and HDD as standard
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi unenhanced resolution (Print)
  • Android – supports Apps; new version of Smart Device Connector (NFC)
  • Small footprint, ideal for Desktop use
  • Lowest TEC value – Just 1.157Kwh
  • New Silent mode – priority shifts from print productivity
  • ADF as standard, platen cover & fax optional
  • Standard HDD provides 9x overwrite
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity



Website –

Phone number – 08455610041

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What would you do if you lost all your important documents

Have a look at the below link to hear how an archiving depot unfortunately burnt to the ground, destroying over a million archived files for various companies.

Can you imagine if something this devastating happened to your important documents? This is where we can help prevent your company from losing any documents or files.

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New Barcoding System available

Barcoding System

Please visit us at for a free demo.

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Colleges go paperless

The article below explains how UK Colleges went paperless and saved money.

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American County Court goes paperless

Please read the article below on how an American County Court went paperless.,0,4769075.story

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Welsh Mining Federation Goes Digital

Click on the link below to see how the Welsh Miner’s Federation have preserved records over 100 years old by going digital.

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Basildon Hospital digitalised all their medical records

Check out the link below to see how Basildon Hospital saved £2.6 million a year by digitalising their records.


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